What is respectful parenting?

When we treat a child with respect, it totally reshapes the relationship between a parent and a child and changes the way of doing things, compared to traditional parenting styles. I remember being a kid, adults often talk about children as if they never were one themselves, as if kids are different beings altogether andContinue reading “What is respectful parenting?”

It’s never too late to change the day

Saturday. The first day in five where we didn’t have to be at work for 8am. We slept in, waking up naturally when we were ready, rather than being disrupted by the sharp sound of the alarm, it was lovely, and so very needed. Life is yet to settle back into some kind of flow,Continue reading “It’s never too late to change the day”

‘There are some things in life you just have to do’

When you read that sentence, how does it make you feel? What’s your gut reaction? From my experience and conversations so far this sentence is a real divider of people. The majority reply with a stance that encapsulates a certain logic, mixed with a dash of civil obedience. ‘Well you have to drink water toContinue reading “‘There are some things in life you just have to do’”

The (very honest) treats and challenges of a single parent

Tomorrow marks the 1,825th day of being a parent. Although it does start from the moment you know you’re pregnant in a way, or maybe that’s better titled ‘pre-parent’, like a ‘pre-teen’. Anyway, the little beasty turns five tomorrow. It’s been as challenging and beautiful as I expected it would be, and then some. I’llContinue reading “The (very honest) treats and challenges of a single parent”

Five reasons I value being broke (admittedly ideally on a short-term basis)

You appreciate everything far more. A few years ago I watched an interview on Youtube of Kurt Cobain, some rare footage from not long before he died. Interviewer: ‘You know that old saying, that you can’t buy happiness, do you think that’s true?’They both laugh‘Well, (pauses) yer you can’t but happiness, I mean that madeContinue reading “Five reasons I value being broke (admittedly ideally on a short-term basis)”

‘Less comfort, more life’

So we are three weeks into our trip, I’ve seen things I never really believed I’d get to see in the flesh, I’ve witnessed different ways of life up close, and I’ve met lots of people, with totally unfamiliar worlds to mine and yet similar life priorities. Frankly, it’s still simply blowing my mind thatContinue reading “‘Less comfort, more life’”

5 Things I’ve learnt in Vietnam so far

Minus travelling, we had four full days in Ho Chi Minh so far, which doesn’t sound like a lot. But being immersed into a totally foreign place means the experience of even one day is so much more than what it would be back home, there’s nothing familiar about it, and so you take itContinue reading “5 Things I’ve learnt in Vietnam so far”

Why I’m travelling with a toddler

I’ve wanted to see the world since I was about 12 years old, when I realised just how much there is out there to see. Documentaries and films have shown me various environments and cultures, so different to the one I was raised in. The prospect of experiencing it in real life has always beenContinue reading “Why I’m travelling with a toddler”